Extremely knowledgeable of CPR. If I was a victim of sudden heart attack, I would want Elizabeth to be by my side. Great class!


Loved it! Went by in a flash. Def. recommend! Very professional, learned a lot, easy to understand.

Paula S.

Very informative. E-Z to digest and follow.

Denise S.

I learned how much easier it is to perform CPR now than the last time 5 years ago. I have taken the course three times before from different trainers and I learned more today from Elizabeth than all of the other times.

Jinni C.

Our instructor was a pleasure to work with. Informative and made CPR a fun experience.

Michelle K.

My experience with this class was great. I left more confident with my skills in CPR and the Heimlich Maneuever.

Dannielle T.

After taking this class I am much more confident in performing CPR and caring for my patients.

Stephanie R.

Very educating. I learned more than my previous CPR classes.

Amanda H.

The online class was easy to understand/use. You could go back and re-watch videos or read information. The instructor was most helpful.

Elizabeth G.

I found this to be a refreshing course which is well needed. It gave me options on the different scenarios that may be needed.

Judy L.

The online course was easy to use and very informative. The instructor was helpful and answered all questions.

Jennifer T.

I felt like the hands-on segment was very thorough. I liked doing the online class first followed by the skills check-off.

Kristi W.

Very informative, hands-on instructor. I learned things I didn’t know and I’m in the medical field.

Michelle S.

I have taken CPR training in the past and found this to be a wonderful experience. CPR has been updated so it is well worth the refresher course to help save someone’s life. The instructor was very helpful during training and made this an educational but fun experience.

Desarae P.

Very helpful course. Doing the online portion first then the skills assessment made a big difference. Strongly recommended for all healthcare personnel.

Kristina V.

Quick and extremely informative. Great course!

Hollie T.

Elizabeth was very knowledgeable and kind. She answered any questions I had and the class was enjoyable to take.

Lyndi K.

Best CPR class yet!

Laura C.

The class was very informative. Elizabeth makes learning CPR fun and the online course was good.

Michelle C.

The online course is easy to follow and allowed us to complete at our own pace/time. We all need to be reminded on proper technique.

Janet R.

The online class was very simple yet effective and easy to follow. All together it was very helpful. The skills check-off portion was interactive and informative.

JoAnna R.

This class was very informative and useful. The teacher was knowledgeable and helpful for the duration of class.

Rebekah S.

Great knowledge towards teaching CPR.

Melissa W.

Instructor was informative and gave great knowledge.

Lauren M.

I really enjoyed this class. The teacher was pleasant and I learned a lot.

Amy C.

I liked having an instructor to actually show me how to properly maneuver my patients and how to perform successful resuscitations. It is much more easy to actually see in person how all the CPR procedures are done. The instructor made me feel comfortable.

Michelle F.

Today’s class was great. Elizabeth made it easy to remember all the important facts. After today’s class, I feel confident that my skills would be effective in saving someone’s life.

Kelly S.

Very informative and kept things fun and interesting. The skills check-off was completed in a timely manner and the online course was most helpful.

Sharon C.

I learned all specifics that are needed for saving someone’s life.

Jessica M.

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